Established years back with the intent to serve the Asian and other communities all over the world, specifically for those having a liking for Pakistani Foods & Flavors, Soughat International has been in the business of Groceries, including SPICES, PULSES, DRY FRUITS, NUTS, and GENERAL PROVISIONS.


Over the period the firm has enjoyed substantial growth, especially in the United States, and looking for a response from the rest of the world; promoting Pakistani Tastes Worldwide.


Our firm specializes in Exports of Pakistani Spices, Rice, Dry Fruits, Branded Products, and Products in Customer’s brand, and customized consumer packaging.

We specialize in consolidated (miscellaneous) items stuffing in a container as per customer’s need.


For all your requirements from Pakistan, shipments can be made from under one roof. We are one-stop for all your Grocery and food requirements.


We are located at Karachi, the financial hub of Pakistan, This helps us to supply and deliver Pakistani spices and other products in a much quicker time. We value our customers and therefore we are always in constant touch with our customers all over the world and study their market needs. We keep them informed about the international market conditions and factors affecting the market price.


We consider Customers as an integral and important part of our Business and constantly endeavor to strengthen relationships with customers by offering excellent quality products, competitive prices, and outstanding services.


Our expertise embraces the following activities.

  • We ensure Premium quality merchandising

  • We guarantee the most competitive prices

  • We assure prompt delivery

  • Consolidation of shipments as per customers need



Do you have any further question or query? Don’t hesitate to write us and we’ll get back to you shortly.